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From conception to delivery, reach your markets in a more cost-effective way. Our clients range from multinational companies to the startups that are defining the future of industry.

Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution Strategies, Simplified

As we understand the needs & requirements of your business – we create customized programs that bring you value.

How We Help

As we understand the needs & requirements of your business – we create customized programs that bring you value.

Display & Display Programs

Display and Display Programs

Let SPA manage and execute your next retail promotional display

  • Retail Floor Displays
    • Floor Displays
    • Powerwings
    • Semi-Permanent
    • Permanent
    • Standees
  • Retail Ready Options
    • Retailer Specific
    • Shelf Ready Design options
    • Counter Units
  • Endcaps
    • Unique Merchandizing Options
  • Pallet displays
    • 1/4, ½, and Full Pallet Options
  • Retail Programs
    • Designs To Coordinate Retailer Events
  • Multi Participant Programs (Multi-Vendor)

Packaging, Co-Packaging & Manufacturing

Streamline your supply chain

SPA Inc. is a one stop full service packaging and assembly company with integrated multi- level quality control processes. We get your project done right and done quickly so that you can benefit from the results.

  • Certifications
    • AIB and Department of Agriculture Certification for pre-packaged food items
    • FDA Registered
    • Contract Packaging Association Member
  • Primary Packaging
    • Folding Cartons (Paperboard)
    • Corrugated
    • Blister Packs
    • Clamshells
    • Club Packs
    • Environmentally Friendly
  • Secondary Packaging
    • Inner Cartons
    • Case Packs
    • Master Cases
    • Shrouds
  • Labeling
    • Thermal
    • Variable Data
    • Offset
    • Flexo
    • Embossed
    • Multi-Part
    • Machine Applied
    • Hand Applied
  • Shrink Wrapping
    • Heat Tunnels
    • Steam Tunnels
  • Shrink Labeling/Sleeving
  • Media Replication
    • Flash Drives
    • Mag Strip Cards (Gift Cards etc.)
    • CD/DVD
  • Serialization
    • Generation
    • Management
    • Tracking
  • Bundling
  • POSA (Point of Sale Activation)
  • Product Assembly/Finishing
  • Repurposing/Repacking


Inventory Management, Warehousing & Order Processing

Greater Sales, Profit & Efficiency

Well Beyond offering “basic warehousing”, SPA Inc. offers full service end to end inventory management, order processing and logistics designed to streamline your supply chain for reduced costs and shorter lead times.

  • Certifications
    • AIB and Department of Agriculture  Certification for handling pre-packaged food items
    • FDA Registered
  • Strategic Location
  • Receiving
    • High Capacity Truck and Cargo Container Handling
  • Security
    • 24/7 Surveillance & Monitoring
    • Standard and Caged Storage Options
  • Flexible Warehousing/Inventory Management
    • On Going and Short Term Programs
    • High Volume Capacity
  • Visibility
    • 24/7 Real-Time visibility through secure portal
    • Inventory
    • Demand Planning
    • Orders
    • Tracking
    • Statistics
  • Lot Control and Data Tracking
  • Order Processing
    • B2C – Individual Direct to Consumer
    • B2B – Bulk orders to DCs, Distributors or Retailer Direct
    • 3rd Party Retailer B2C -Direct to Consumer
    • National and International
    • Universal Shopping Cart Compatibility
  • Routing
    • Local
    • National
    • International
    • Retailer Compliance
  • Cross Docking
  • Returns Processing
    • B2C – Individual Direct to Consumer
    • B2B – Bulk orders to DCs, Distributors or Retailer Direct
    • 3rd Party Retailer B2C -Direct to Consumer
    • End of Lifecycle Programs

Retail Distribution Services

Absolutely Not Traditional Distribution

Coupled with our network of remote sales offices, our strong corporate support team ensures that your account is given the highest level of attention and service.

  • Channels
    • Brick and Mortar Retailers
    • Direct TV
    • E-Stores
  • Account management
  • EDI management
  • XML/FTP file transfer support
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Cooperative advertising & MDF management
  • Multi participant display programs (Multi-Vendor Programs)
  • Returns handling
  • Reverse logistics
  • Secure online reporting
  • Financial settlement reporting
  • Real-time insight into your SPA inventory
  • Brick & Mortar Channels
  • Direct TV Channels
  • On-Line Channels

Planning & Strategy

One Size Does Not Fit All

With a multiple channel focus, we create the most appropriate solution for each of our clients. Our omni-channel approach allows us to think about brick & mortar solutions, physical e-commerce fulfillment, and electronic content delivery, simultaneously, in order to customize an appropriate solution for you.

  • Product lifecycle management
  • Marketing & advertising coordination
  • Consignment terms management
  • Point of Sale Activation (POSA) manufacturing & distribution services expertise
  • Traditional box & gift card delivery

Analysis & Reporting

No Limitations with Data

Through our web-based tool, we provide the ability to review, graph and export data on a highly customized basis. This data allows partners to be informed and manage information, easily.

  • POS sell-thru history (852 data)
  • On-hand inventory
  • Store level detail
  • Open purchase orders
  • Sell-in history
  • Payment status and history

Design & Prototyping

Value that Continuously Increases

Our design division operates as both a full service commercial design firm as well as an integrated component to our manufacturing and inventory management services.

  • Graphic Design
    • Conceptual Renderings
    • Creative Graphics to Existing Packaging
    • Develop Sales Sheet for Retail
  • Structural Design
    • Develop Structural Concepts
    • Design “Right Size” Packaging
    • Design Displays to Retail Style Guides
    • Design Packaging and Displays for Cost Effectiveness
    • Supply Retail Set Up Instructions
  • Prototyping
    • Supply Structural Prototypes
    • Supply Digitally Printed Prototypes
  • Brand Integration

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From conception to retail delivery, reach your markets in a more cost-effective way. The services we offer are industry agnostic and our clients range from multinational consumer-electronics companies to the pre-packaged foods businesses that are defining the future of industry.



SPA is a breath of fresh air that makes everything just a little bit simpler. The entire supply chain process can be complicated with multiple vendor partners, but if you work with us – it doesn’t have to be.

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