Modern Solutions for Smart Business

We are a dynamic blend of backgrounds, with experiences that are founded in logistics, packaging & distribution services. Our leadership team all have close to twenty + years of experience. This mix of background is rooted in the core of innovative thinking and has enabled us to expand our operations to Cincinnati, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and Bentonville.

  1. 1986

    Our Beginning

    We created our niche through observation. We noticed that the companies producing multimedia products often mastered the technology end but struggled with the “blue collar” end of the business — namely packaging, replication, assembly, warehousing and order fulfillment.

  2. Early 90's

    A Major Establishment

    Our business flourished with the rise of PCs. We became established as one of the major players in our specialty and  increased both the number of services we offered as well as capacity.

  3. 2000

    Evolution & Adaptation

    The reputation we earned for high standards, quality and speed served us well. Companies with products of all kinds began approaching us. We evolved and adapted our expertise to the packaging and supply chain needs of all types of industries.

  4. 2013


    We moved to new facility with 30%+ more warehouse SPAce.  Expanded this again by 33% in 2015.

  5. Early 21st Century

    A New Phase

    As the 21st century began, so did a new phase of operations at SPA. We became more nimble and were entrusted with projects from an impressive variety of sectors.

  6. Now

    Into the Future

    Our clients and projects have been diverse and distinct in their needs. Our broad range of expertise and experience has perfectly positioned us to respond to virtually any exciting new challenge.